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By Natalie Hodge, 4:11 am on November 5, 2012

The holiday season is steadfastly approaching with stores already full of lights and decorations. Preparing for family gatherings is hectic for all, but this time of year can be especially stressful for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Help prepare your loved one to make this season flow more smoothly with these useful tips: Show him/her pictures of people who will be visiting and talk about them Play some of his/her favorite holiday tunes and serve favorite holiday foods Get your loved one involved in preparations—ask him/her to help you decorate, set the table, etc. Consider creating name tags for your guests—people with Alzheimer’s may recognize faces but be unable to recall names so this can be a helpful cue Designate a room the “quiet area” where your loved one can…

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By Natalie Hodge, 4:08 am on October 26, 2012

Most families reach a point when they realize their adult parent or senior loved one needs help at home. Tell-tale signs include recognizing that your loved one requires constant supervision and/or assistance with everyday activities, such as bathing and dressing. You may also find that certain housekeeping routines are accomplished with great difficulty or left undone. In general, consider the following areas: Mobility Issues – Difficulty walking, unsteady when standing, falling down, stumbling. Disinterest in Personal Health – Changes in eating or cooking habits, spoiled or outdated food in the refrigerator, lack of nutritious food in the pantry or freezer. Disinterest in Personal Hygiene -Wearing same clothes, wearing soiled or unkempt clothing, lack of bathing or oral care, unkempt hair or nails. Changes in Personal Habits – Loss of interest in hobbies, reluctance to…

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