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Honor Your Living Legend by Celebrating Love


To continue shifting the paradigm around aging in an effort to further our mission, Home Care Assistance launched a campaign called Honor Your Living Legend as a way to celebrate the lives and accomplishments of older adults. We recognized a need for a platform where sons, daughters, spouses, grandchildren and friends could go to celebrate aging loved ones that had significantly impacted their lives. Since we launched Honor Your Living Legend, we have received countless heart-warming stories from around the world.

In honor of love, both young and old, and in celebration of Valentine’s Day, we are sharing three of our favorite Honor Your Living Legend submissions below.

Mother-Daughter Bond

The Mother-Daughter Bond

“When my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 11 years ago she never once questioned if she wouldn’t make it, only how long it would be until she could run 5 miles again. To this day we both say that the “silver lining” to her cancer was the hours we spent together during her chemo. As my mother got stronger, I found myself evolving into a stronger woman too! Thank you Mommy for your love, support and guidance over the past 36 years!”
Wendy Brown and her Mom, Sally Harris (Venice, Florida)

Connecting the Generations

Connecting the Generations

“My grandfather means the world to me and is my living legend. He has always been extremely intellectual, spending his free time reading countless books. His love of reading has kept his mind sharp, and now he reads to my son and his great-grandson, Wyatt. I love watching the two of them spend time together, and I’m sure that he is Wyatt’s living legend too!”
Andrew Mirov and Wyatt Alexander, Submitted by Granddaughter Megan Mobley (Palo Alto, CA)

The Love Birds

The Love Birds

“My grandmother is soft-spoken with a beautiful smile. Grandfather was strict and yet he makes the funniest jokes. They live in the Philippines and raised 7 children. My grandmother was a teacher while my grandfather was a farmer. They have been married for more than 60 years. Through them, I have witnessed what unconditional love against all odds. They survived typhoons, death of family members, you name it, but through it all, they remained faithful to each other. ”
Paz Borja and Angel Escal (Manila, The Phillipines)

Do you have a senior loved one you admire? To honor his or her lifetime accomplishments, nominate your Living Legend today at HonorYourLivingLegend.com

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