New Devices To Improve Strength And Mobility in Seniors And Individuals With Disabilities

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Improve Strength And MobilityEvery year there are numerous devices created to help improve seniors and disabled adults safety and mobility. Many times care professionals and patients are not even aware these devices exist. This is due to the lack of funds the small start-up equipment manufacturers have and the bombardment of advertising done by the larger manufacturers. Another major road block is Medicare and insurance companies lack of reimbursements for the newer equipment devices. It takes years for new medical devices to get approval from Medicare or insurance companies and many never succeed.

At Home Care Assistance of Austin we are constantly researching new equipment to keep up with what is available that may be of assistance to our clients. We then provide information to our clients on specific equipment that can help with their specific situation.

One such piece of equipment we came across recently is the Theracycle. The Theracycle is motorized exercise bike that promotes mobility and strength exercise without straining joints or muscles. It incorporates a smart motor which adjusts pedaling assistance based on the users need. The Thercycle is great for a range or conditions like Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Paralysis, Parkinson’s, Stroke, and many others. It’s also great for the senior in need of low impact exercise. A regular exercise routine is important to a individuals health and well being. We encourage exercise and physical activity through our Balanced Care Method approach. More information on the Theracycle can be found at


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