Three Great Exercises For Seniors

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Great Exercises For SeniorsAs we get older, sometimes it gets ever harder to motivate ourselves to exercise. Some activities seem too difficult or simply too boring. Fear not; at Home Care Assistance, we’re committed to helping you live an exciting and healthy life. Here are three great exercises for seniors:

1) Swimming Swimming can improve stamina and build muscle while posing less of a risk to your bones and joints than other exercises. Swimming also works out your whole body at the same time. In addition, doing laps in the pool stretches out your arms and legs. Even though you are in water, it’s important to stay hydrated.

2) Yoga Many seniors are afraid to try yoga because they believe the poses may be too difficult or require too much flexibility. Luckily, there are many yoga routines designed specifically for older adults. Yoga not only provides a good cardio workout, but it also helps stretch the body to maintain optimal health. If possible, try attending a yoga class at your local community or wellness center instead of watching a yoga class at home. Studies show that an actual instructor is much more motivational and effective than someone on the television.

3) Biking Biking provides an amazing cardio workout and is fairly easy on the joints. If you don’t want to take on the great outdoors, bike at the gym while you watch TV. Cycling can improve arthritis symptoms, high blood pressure and mood. In addition, cycling instead of driving can save you money and help the environment!

At Home Care Assistance, we’re passionate about helping our clients live a healthier and happier life. That’s why we train our caregivers in the Balanced Care Method™, an innovative way to help you live your life better at home.


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