Wellness Programs

Home Care Assistance takes a unique approach to care by promoting wellness of the mind, body and spirit. These programs support our Balanced Care Method approach to caregiving. The program sessions are completed with the help and direction of trained caregivers and are monitored by a professional supervisor. Each program is based on cutting edge research and best practices. We personalize the content to meet your needs.

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Our Programs:

Cognitive Therapeutics Method

An in-home brain fitness program designed to keep aging minds sharp and slow the progression of cognitive decline.

  • Designed to prevent or delay the onset of new forms of cognitive impairment and to slow the progression of existing symptoms.
  • Based on scientific research that suggests mental stimulation is associated with slower cognitive decline
  • Targets the five primary domains of the mind: Memory, Executive Functioning, Attention, Language, Visual-Spacial Perception.

Total Control® for Home Care

A pelvic fitness program designed to improve bladder control.

  • Developed in partnership with the Women’s Health Foundation, an organization that has helped thousands of people improve their bladder control.
  • Focuses on pelvic fitness exercises to strengthen muscles important for bladder control, posture, and balance.
  • Includes educational worksheets on topics such as how food and drink affect the bladder and proper skin care for incontinence.
  • Recommends behavior modifications to reduce frequency and urgency.